Get a quote or link to an application for personal health insurance with just one simple click of a logo below! We are proud to offer Medical Mutual of Ohio and United Health One - in addition to many others! We also represent many other carriers, including: Medical Mutual, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield - Anthem & Highmark, United Health One, Golden Rule, Starmark, Assurant, Health America Text or call for a quote today!

We also represent many other carriers, including:

Medical Mutual, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield - Anthem & Highmark, United Health One, Golden Rule, Starmark, Assurant, Health America

There are a lot of innovative options open to you and your employees. We will streamline your application process, using advanced technology, that saves you precious time and money.

Health Plans

  • Because of our unique focus on Employer-sponsored Group Health Plans, we are licensed with ALL available Group Health carriers.
  • We have purchsed online software to securely store your application informationin an electronic format. This allows us to print any carrier's application prefilled with your information, making the process FASTER and EASIER than ever before because now employees only need to fill out a single application.
  • Mini Meds
  • We offer many low cost options - self funded and HRA/ HSA plans
  • Gap Plans - Created for use with your specific group health plan

Allstate/Aflac - Supplemental

We are experts in the Supplemental Worksite arena, so get the best of the best! We offer a billing service that takes care of your payroll deductions and direct bill options. We also offer Accident Plans for groups of five or more.



Disability, Life, & Long Term Care

Where will the cash come from when you need continued services and care after a major surgery, illness, or accident? You can raise that cash with a disability or long term care policy - there is no other way to raise that much cash so inexpensively.

Long Term Care

-Costs of medical care are sure to rise as the years go on. Purchase this coverage and let it build! You can conceivably purchase a $50,000 immediate lifetime max that grows to a $121,000 lifetime max in 20 years (so it's ready to be used when you really need it).

-We only use carriers who give you cash, plus additional coverage.

-GOLDENCARE USA has a variety of carriers to meet our needs

Life Insurance

Did you know that when you leaver your current employer or retire, the small amount of life insurance   provided by your employer is not yours to keep (most likely)? When you retire, the cost of purchasing life   insurance on your own may not be affordable. Plus, by that point, you may have a health condition that   would disqualify you for coverage altogether. For all of these reasons, give us a call and get your own life coverage in place.

We also offer Group Dental and Vision. Rates and availability are guaranteed as a group.

Financial Services                                            

  •     Do you have a significant cash flow? Let this aspect of your company work for you and secure your future with planning.
  •     We can help design your company offered mutual fund, IRA, and 401K options
  •     We offer different structures for your mutual fund plans indexed annuities, as well as variable, fixed, or combination of both

Medicare Supplemental/Part D                                                  

  • We can set up your Medicare Supplemental and Part D prescription plan.


  • Everyone needs to think about who and what we are leaving behind. Even something as simple as final expense needs should be addressed.
  • As brokers, we have the ability to shop for coverage and design your life insurance plan to fit your budget and needs individually and / or as a group we have the options and can design your permanent plans.
  • Life insurance can be your own bank account


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